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Chanelle//ash girl//I was smashton before it was cool//

Smut smut smut smut smut smut smut

Well… I originally skipped to Sunday morning but I don’t want that anon to throw her/himself off a cliff so I’m adding smut, I’m sorry!!!!


I will throw myself off a cliff if you skip to sunday morning with punk luke

Shit dude… Give me like 15 minutes cuz I need to add some smut to part 5 😳


punk luke is my favorite thing like honestly

Mine too 😍


... what does smashton mean?

Honestly I did it because my friend Jesse calls our friend Ashley “Smash” and I just changed it from Ashley to Ashton… And then his superhero was Smash so that was neat! And he smashes the drums… Idk, I just liked it.


Ey yo wudda bout that chapter four for punk luke?


when will the fourth part of punk luke story thing be up



I’d rather never meet the boys than meet them while they’re being mobbed





this bitch at school always says that he’s ugly when I mention that he’s my favourite member of 5sos. reblog this so I can prove a point to her that he is.

the notes on this are amazing, but she still thinks that i tricked you guys into reblogging, please spread!

im actually so mad everyone at my school thinks hes not the least bit attractive so pls reblog to prove everyone wrong im so mad i cant understand

dear 5sosfam


I know there are tons of posts about this, but I need to say something as well.

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michael is such a sweet heart and cares so much and don’t you ever say otherwise or i will find you (◡‿◡✿)

Let’s make ashton running to the van the most reblogged gif on Tumblr.




I’ve already reblogged this, and there will be a day when I will not reblog this, but today is not that day.

Hey I just read the Punk Luke thing and omg I have to say it was fucking amazing. You're a phenomenal writer and I really do hope that you make this into a fanfic because again, it was fucking amazing❤️👌

Oh gosh, thank you so much!! I’m liking where this fic is going and I’m hoping to upload a new chapter every day so if i start slacking, harass me in my ask until i post it. but like, wait until the next day in case i just post it a couple hours later than usual. (PS I seriously love getting messages like this, it makes me so extremely happy to know you guys like my stuff!)

hey, this isn't a request but could you promo my fic? people can find it under chapters or the links to the websites it's on are under links lols <3

^^go check it out guys!!^^