Mlt date a girl 5'2

ashton or luke

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i’m thinking of doing blog awards but am i too late to that party or do you guys want something like that?




If you like dogs, have a dog, or happen to be a decent human being then please, please, PLEASE listen

Harlan are the UK’s last remaining breeders of beagles for use in experiments.

This company breeds beagles for the purpose of selling them to laboratories and universities and keep ‘donor beagles’

These dogs have their blood regularly drained and sold to laboratories and are subject to numerous experiments.

Some of these experiments include ‘toxicology experiments’ which entail the dogs wearing muzzles and being forced to inhale toxic substances such as cigarettes, bleach and oven cleaner.

If they aren’t killed during experiments, they’re eventually deemed useless and euthanised

A former employee reported to the Sunday Times that these poor beagles:

• are being punched and kicked by employees

• have profanities shaved into their fur and their faces daubed with felt tips

• are kept in dirty, cramped pens

These beagles are born to endure such a high level of pain and suffering that they self harm, kill themselves or each other

These beagles are being used in experiments because they are vulnerable and controllable and can’t make it stop.

If you’re a decent human being, please don’t just ignore this and bury your head in the sand because THIS IS HAPPENING TO PUPPIES RIGHT NOW and it takes less than 2 minutes of your time to bring them closer to seeing sunshine, breathing fresh air, going on walks and being loved and cuddled by someone who wants to take care of them

Please stop these poor dogs from suffering. They don’t have a voice to stop their pain and get help, but you do.

Please, be their voice, and sign here: PETITION

For more information: Click here


Mlt date a girl that's 5'9

luke or cal

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Ok so idk if I ship you with Luke or ash cause you are kind of already dating American Luke, so idk if I should ship you with Luke bc you and USA Luke are cute, therefore you and Australia Luke would be cute. Or should I ship you with ash just to change things up a bit??? #chake vs #chashton

you understand my dilemma! it’s tough being a lashton girl :/

What is the best smut you've ever read of one of the boys? (Link maybe<3)

hmm… that’s a tough one tbh! i’m kinda digging the step-brother story about luke tbh (link is to part 3 with part 1 and 2 links at the top of the description) umm… other than that, i just kinda cruise through the smut tag and hope for something good!

Mlt date a girls who's a bit fluffier than most

mike or ash

send me “most likely to”s (i’ll answer more in the morning)

Hey Chanelle I need some advice. I really want to start a network but I only have 630 followers and I'm afraid it wont get any notes. Do you think I should try anyway?

yeah dude! networks are so much fun even if there are only like 8 people. i’ll reblog it too if you want me to get it around to my followers as well :)

mlt go on roller coasters with

i know i just reblogged her ship post but guys Juli is getting close to 1k so you should all follow her cuz her blog is great and she’s super super nice!


For the people that don't think we belong in the magazine (Rock Sound) +
Mlt help you when you're doing your makeup/cooking/cleaning

makeup would def be ashton but the other two i’d say luke

send me “most likely to”s


mlt want matching tattos in a relationship?



Hi! So, in case you didn’t know, I just hit 900 followers this morning, and am going to do some celebratory ships!


Mbf me

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