Do you have a link to your punk luke fic

they’re all under this link and this link

so i answered this in an ask but i’m putting this out there again

i’m going to chicago for lollapalooza tomorrow through sunday and won’t have my laptop so punk!Luke won’t be updated until monday i’m sorry :(


Alright but the video didn’t make me sad it made me want to be friends with 5sos

I love the new part to your Luke fanfic! Can't wait for more! Xx :)

here’s the bad news though… i won’t have wifi this weekend because i’m going to chicago for lollapalooza and idk if the hotel wifi will be any good… and i’m not taking my laptop so no luke updates until monday :(((((

Just thought you should know that you're an amazing and talented writer. I'm not going to lie, I'm constantly judging fics on here, but I had absolutely nothing negative to say about yours. Your punk!luke fic is fucking amazing. 💕 keep up the great work, doll.

oh gosh, that definitely means a lot to me :) thank you so much!

the amnesia video gave me a really good idea for an ash fic…

so once punk luke is over, watch out






Uploading the music video for Amnesia tomorrow at 9pm GMT ! 😁 #AmnesiaMusicVideo

[HQS] 5 Seconds of Summer have dinner at Hakkasan Beverly Hills with Cody Simpson - July 29, 2014

Punk Luke part 13

part one // part two // part three // part four // part five // part six // part seven // part eight // part nine // part ten // part eleven // part twelve

This part is shorter than the rest but I really wanted to get the last part of it in the story somehow. Sorry it’s horrible :(

Punk rocker Luke Hemmings falls for the new girl in school and it’s super cheesy but hey, punk!Luke

PLEASE NOTE: This entire story is punk!Luke and, like many other chapters, this one contains smut.

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